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MICE Terms and Conditions

The scope of this present MICE Terms and Conditions (MTC)are covering the services of the Hotel Wellamarin****Superior Leisure & Wellness operated by the Wellamarin Ltd. Present MICE Terms and Conditions are published by Wellamarin Ltd. on behalf of the Hotel Wellamarin****Superior Leisure & Wellness, that the hotel and the related services are provided by Wellamarin Ltd. therefore it is entitled for all rights and responsible for all liability. Unique conditions are not part of this present MTC. Present MTC are not exclusive to make special agreements with travel agencies, organizers, occasionally appropriate conditions of the business with others.

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MICE Terms and Conditions


Name: Wellamarin Kft.
Address: 8621 Zamárdi, Eötvös u. 15/1.
Phone: +36 84 545 891
Fax: +36 84 545 020
Email: sales@wellamarin.hu
Web: www.wellamarin.com
Tax Number: 12774742-2-14
Company registration number: 14-09-304837
HUF Bank Account: 17600066-00256816-00200004
EUR Bank Account: 17600066-00256816-10200005


The Customer orders, the Supplier takes on the services detailed in the preliminary calculation the acknowledging on fixed prices. The contractors bind it out onto the effect of the transaction the severe literacy, that is their declaration put towards each other exclusively in a written form valid.
The potential oral order the halves ropemaker in a writing to strengthen. The declarations given by the halves to each other in the course of present MTC fulfilment and notifications then are qualified adequately, for written one delivered in a form, if the acknowledging named contact person for persons, you are addressed to the manager representing the halves, must be sent by
1.1. post
1.2. using courier services,
1.3. a certified receipt during personal transfer
1.4. fax,
1.5. e-mail


The Parties agreed prices are fixed in the confirmation. Customer must fulfill the following schedule for the Service ordered services rendered.

2.1. 50% advace must be paid until  8 day after the reservation and confirmation by banktransfer, according to the hotel’s pro form letter.
2.2. The further charges must be paid in 8 days after departure of the group by banktransfer according to the Hotel’s / Provider’s invoice. and preparing of bill
2.3. In case of delayed payment the provider is entitled to charge a late fee. The rate is  of eight percentage points of the base rate set by the central bank.


In case of Costumer decides to cancel the whole or some of reserved rooms, or services after a written cancellation, client will be subject to pay cancellation fees as follows:

3.1. 45 days prior to the arrival 50% of the reservation can be cancelled free of charge
3.2. From 44- to 15 days prior to the arrival 20% of the reservation can be cancelled free of charge
3.3. From 14- to 2 days prior to the arrival 10% of the reservation can be cancelled free of charge
3.4. In 48 hour prior to the arrival the Costumer has to pay 100 %

In case of a serious breach of contract termination with immediate effect by both parties lie. Violation of the terms of payment constitutes a breach of contract.


4.1. Any decoration can only be placed on the walls of Hotel Wellamarin **** Superior, after the  prior consultation with the Supplier.
4.2. The Customer is required to give a copy of the itemized delivery order to the security service.
4.3. The Customer is solely responsible for the things that were brought to the hotel. Service is not required to store or preserve other belongings in the absence without of a written contract.
4.4. The Supplier shall not be liable for the things, which the customer are sent to by mail or other delivery service.


5.1. The Supplier provides to the Customer for the fixed days, the previously agreed and contracted residental units, catering and conference services, which were recorded in the confirmation.
5.2. Customer complaints arising in connection with the Services marks the spot orally and in writing. The Supplier are not accepted  any subsequent complaints  after the ckeck out.
5.3. The event participants pay for any special orders (massage; minibar, closed parking). The customer shall notify in advance about the participants. The Customer  is taking responsibility for not arranged by the participants for consumption (massage, minibar, closed parking ...).
5.4. Food and drink could only be obtained from the Supplierr.  The Customer are allowed to bring food and drink only a  special cases  (national habits) with the Supplier written permission.  In this case the Supplier is entitled to  ask extra service fee.


6.1. The Customer is taking responsibility for participants, guests. The damage caused by the customer is obliged to compensate the Supplier. When  the Supplier to send the report  five days after end of the conference which  is signed by a representative of the Customer.
6.2. The Supplier awareness for the Customer to ensure that valuable assets. The Supplier only take responsibility for the subject if they recive with the release from the Customer.
6.3. Force Majeure. No party to this MICE Terms any Conditions shall incur any liability for any delay in performance, or for the non-performance, of any of its obligations under this Agreement by reason of any cause beyond its reasonable control. This includes any act of God or war or terrorism, any breakdown, malfunction or failure of transmission in connection with or other unavailability of any wire, communication or computer facilities, any transport, port, or airport disruption, industrial action, acts and regulations and rules of any governmental or supra-national bodies or authorities or regulatory or self-regulatory organization or failure of any such body, authority or organization for any reason, to perform its obligations.
6.4. Furthermore, Hungarian Act V. of 2013 on the rules governing the liability of the parties.


7.1 The Customer give informations, documents for the Supplier before they pre-arranged manner.
7.2. Between the Parties to the order modification or supplement or termination is only writting. One party can not be derogated from this.
7.3.The Customer must  be informed in writing within 8 days to the Supplier for the following amendments: change of ownership, changing in the name of his units, depot change, bank account change
7.4.The parties primarily peaceful negotiation intend to settle the disputed questions. If this does not work, they submit themselves during the court proceedings in the District Court in Siofok, or - depending on the jurisdiction - Kaposvár exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal.


8.1. The present MTC in detail contains engagements and provisions, and The Supplier undertakes his insurance. In order for the Supplier of service to the highest and the Customer is required to indicate its needs, which are not covered by the document.
8.2. The confirmation of acceptance of the case will invalidate all previously made notes, contracts, correspondence, etc, unless they become part of the confirmation.
8.3. The Parties agree that authorized to commit their client's behalf.
8.4. The Customer accepts the MTC of the ordering  and the provider's services are received, and it delivers his order in a written form defined in MTC 1. points. In case of orders of the MTC apply. Customer specific request of an individual event contract between Customer and the Supplier!