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Festival policy

The present Policy with the rules shall apply to everyone is a guest of the Hotel Wellamarin.

1.During Balaton Sound Festival, the hotel will provide wristbands all of the guests at arrival time at the ReceptionIt is required from the guests to wear the wristband during the period of staying. It is the only way to commute at the residentals and SPA department of the hotel. The guest has to show the band to the security service and staff of Hotel Wellamarin in case of every entrances and exits, than guest can entrance to the territory of the building. In case of wristband losing, guest has to show any identity card at the Reception to be able to request a new item. Wristbands are non-transferables! Wristbands are worn on the arm considered valid.

Our guests can stay in Hotel Wellamarin’s room area according to the reserved time period and conditions at the suitable building floor, where the keycard is valid.

3.Hotel Wellamarin has a right to restrict the items, subjects could be brought into the hotel. Drinks, striking and cutting devices, umbrellas or any other objects endangering others’ physical health are FORBIDDEN to be brought into the hotel! According to valid laws, it is not allowed to have any item or subject can cause fire, illness or poisoning. Smoking and using narcotic drugs are prohibited.

For Safety of our guests, camera system works around our building public areas (around entrance and reception’s area, Bohém Bowling Café Bar, Bohém Room, Scala Restaurant, partON Bistro, Black&Orange SPA, Fittness room, ManoLAK playing room, Squash field, conference rooms, floors, stairways, etc.) parking fields, outdoor spa pool’s territory and terrace of the restaurants.

During the stay, any damage in the area of ​​the room or at the hotel is the charge of the guest. The hotel is entitled to debit the costs of repairing and supplements for the guest after departure time.

The guests can welcome guests only at public areas (Lobby, Bohém Bowling Café, Games room, Scala Restaurant, partON6, etc) of the hotel.

7.The Hotel provide an own parking permission for the guests on arrival at the Reception. The customer must be take it to a visible place on the vehicle’s dashboard. It is forbidden to parking at the area of Hotel Wellamarin without the permission. Around the parking area, the Road Traffic Act rules are valid. In case of violation, the vehicle will be removed from the hotel, for the guest's costs! The hotel can not responsible for the objects left in the car.

For the use of SPA and outdoor pool towels are given free, which are available after the guest’s signature at B1. floor on the SPA Reception. We please our guest to return the towels at the SPA reception every day till 8 pm. If it does’t return, we charge HUF 5.000/towels on the room.

9.Any guests at the area of Hotel Wellamarin must behave according to the relevant legal standards, this Policy and our Guest information. The guest is obliged to refrain from any manifestation, communication or action, which could jeopardize the personal rights of others, life, health, or physical damage or harm. In addition, we ask our guests to avoid listening to loud music with other hotel guests’ tranquility.

Around Hotel Wellamarin, appropriate qualificated and licensed Security ensures the conduct and safety regulations. The guest at the Hotel expressly agrees to these rules and cooperate in case of emergency, follow the instructions. If the guest wishes to make a complaint against the procedure of these individuals, it may be - at the front office - if possible. 
The guest who is staying at the field of Hotel Wellamarin, is not eligible to reside armband, or without armband, acknowledge and agree that the staying costs and the Tourist TAX must be paid together with impeach. 
The guest is violated the provision; the Hotel staff will derecognize from the area of the Hotel, even in case of repeated offense, the staff will take away from the hotel territory. 
13.Roomprice includes the usual room cleaning service in case of proper using. This service works between 08:00-16:30 by taking the “PLEASE MAKE UP MY ROOM” sheet on the door handle. For using our rooms conveniently, in any case our colleagues will knock the door to collect the rubbish between 3-4 pm. Contaminants resulting from improper use, extra fees will be charged after the injury. Nevertheless we are entitled to invoice it after the guest’s departure also.

14.In our Scala Restaurant (located opposite the reception) meals (containing halfboard) are served according to the followings:
- 4th July - 7th July breakfast 8-11 am, on the other days from 7-10 am.
- 3rd July - 6th July dinner 6-9:30 pm. 
We ask you to show your armband and tell your room number to our colleaguesAny food, plates and other fittings must not be taken out from the restaurant! Room service is not available during the festival. 

15.Our services at the following departments are available 
- Bohem Bowling Café (behind the Reception) 8 am – 9 pm 
- partON Bistro (next to the lake) 11:00 am – 5 pm 
- Black & Orange SPA 8 am – 8 pm 
- poolBar 10 am – 8 pm. 

Check in from 3 pm, check out till 10 am. We are pleasing you, kindly leave the room, at the day of departure in the morning until 10.00 am, in other cases extra fee (HUF 2.000,-/room/hour) will be charged.


If you want us to wait for you with a stocked minibar in your room you can order here: LINK
The ordered items will be delivered to your room and charged to your account, that you can pay upon departure.
We can fulfill orders placed before 3:00 p.m. on the same day, orders placed after 3:00 p.m. will be fulfilled on the following day.

The above table contains information beyond the screen. You can review the whole table with moving it leftwards and rightwards.

Thank You For Your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay!
Management and staff of Hotel Wellamarin****Superior