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Guest Guide For a printed copy, please contact the reception!

Ugrás a képgalériához

For a printed copy, please contact the reception!


Air conditioner:It works only if windows are closed. It can be set by the control panel on the wall. In winter the recommended temperature is between 20 - 24 C°, in summer 24 – 26 C°. These temperature ranges provide the optimal comfortable feeling. You find a short operation for the control panel enclosed. However in case of adjustment difficulties, please inform us and call the reception.
Arriving:The room can be occupied from 14:00 on the day of arrival (15:00 in the high season or during special periods and holidays). Please fill in the application form exactly to comply with the local government tax regulations, XCVII.tv 2018. We are able to meet our reporting obligations under Section 6 / B and protected by GDPR. It will reduce the time it takes you to log out later if you indicate your billing needs (what name you ask for, how you want to pay your bill, etc.) when you sign in. Upon check-in, we will hand over the key card to the guest to open the room. Before 14:00 (in the high season or 15:00 in special seasons and holidays) we can make the room available to our guests at 11:00, depending on the availability of the hotel, at a rate of 2.000,- HUF / hour.
Ashtray:Smoking is permitted only on the balcony of the rooms. You can request ashtray at reception or from chambermaids.
ATM (Bankomat):

The nearest cash machines:
OTP Bank–At the backside of Zamárdi Train Station

Automatic doors of corridors:

Doors of corridors can be opened by proximity card. When you touch the switch with card a green light flashes and door is automatically opening. With your card you can only open the corridor door of your room’s floor and wellness department’s floor. From the floor you can also come out if you push the opening switch next to the door.

Accessibility:Our Hotel provides barrier-free rooms for handicapped guests. There is cleared traffic in the inner yard parking place, in the building and toilets can be found in the lobby and in the Black&Orange Wellness.

We take the bathrobe into the room only for adults to use it at wellness department and next to the outdoor pool.
Please leave it in the room, when you are checking out. You can not take out the bathrobe from the hotel. The number of small and child sized bathrobes are limited and it is not in the room. So if you need one of these, please ask it at the reception or from chamber-maids. Bathrobes which are embroidered with our hotel’s logo can be bought at the reception, it costs: 8.900 – 9.500 HUF, depends on the size. The hotel has the right to invoice any missing bathrobe from the room- to the guest, after departure time.


It can be found in the drawer of the bedside table.
Billing:We would like to ask our guests to tell us the items of billing (the required name on the bill, the method of payment, etc.) in advance at registration. It is possible to pay your bill any time during your stay. Our colleagues at Reception inform you about the amount of the exact balance and even may print you a proform bill and the detailed list of your consumption
Blanket:If you need extra blanket please ask it from our chamber-maid or at Reception!
Bowling:Reservations can be made at the Bohém Bowling Café every day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm. Fee: 2.250.- HUF / course / half hour (75.- HUF / minute in case of exceeding). Bowling shoes and socks are required - shoes can be ordered at the café (free of charge). Please be careful when your playing time is over, as the machine will not warn you! Bohém Bowling Café’s phone number: 823
Bugs, spiders:The hotel assures the rest of our guests with regular bug eradication. If you come across one of them, we apologize. Our chamber-maids willingly clear away the „intruders”.
Café:The Bohém Bowling Café is located next to the lobby, where we offer coffee specialties and cocktails. Opening hours: 08:00-22:00. Opening hours may differ from those indicated above. Bohém Bowling Café’s phone number: 823
Camera system:A monitoring system works for the security of guests in our public fields (lobby, Bohém Bowling Café, Playing room, Scala Restaurant, partOn Bistro, Black & Orange Wellness, Fregatt Fittness room, Pirate Gamehouse, on the corridors and stairways, even at the fields of parking place, outdoor pool and terraces of the restaurants
Chapel: If someone would like to be alone, will find peace in our quiet ecumenical chapel, which overlooks to the inner yard.
Children animation:We organize various children's programs at pre-announced times at Manó Workshop and occasionally family programs in our conference room. Information about the programs announced is provided by our program leaflets, posters, or you can inquire personally or by calling our Receptionist at 800.

We tidy the rooms daily. Our chamber-maids clean the rooms between 8 am and 4.30 pm. Please sign your requirement for cleaning with a card hanged on the door handle. If you would like to take a rest, indicate it us with the other side of the board: “Please, Do not disturb”. You can find the two-sided card in your room on the coat rack (either side of the card “Clean my room, please”, the other side “Please, do not disturb”).

We charge extra price for cleaning, if our chamber-maids cannot remove the contaminations with vacuum cleaner from furniture, carpets, textiles and curtains.

We change the bedclothes twice a week, even every day if you ask it. Please inform our chamber-maids about your requirements. The handout about towels’ changing method can be found in the bathroom.

Climate system:It works with closed windows. The thermostat can be set on the operation panel. The offered cooling temperature is 24-26 C˚. There is another guide about usage for our guests enclosed. If you have any problem with this machine, please inform our Reception.
Cold food package:We can assure cold food package for guests, in case of leaving our hotel before 7 am. Please order it till 20 pm. at least one day before your departure.
Complaint:If you dissatisfied with our services, please inform our Reception or the manager or employee of the department. We can not accept any complaint at checking out or after leaving the hotel. Thank you for your understanding. The number of the Reception: 800 
Computer technology:Our system administrator on weekdays from 8:00 – 16:00 is ready to help solving any Computer Problems.
Conference:Our hotel offers six conference rooms, equipped with modern technics for our partners for programs and conferences

Conference rooms:

  Area  m2 Volumetric capacity /people
 Cruiser 1.4630
 Cruiser 2.4030
Damages: You have to take responsibility for damages caused under your staying in the room and even at the fields of the hotel. The hotel is authorized to debit the cost of reparation and renewal on you
Departure:We kindly ask you to leave your room by 10:00 am on the day of your departure. If you would like to continue using the room, this is subject to availability between 10:00 and 15:00 for a surcharge of 2.000,- HUF / hour, between 15:00 and 18:00 for an additional charge of 12,000, - HUF and from 18:00 additional nights are possible. Our receptionist staff can provide information on the options.
On the day of departure our guests are entitled to use the Black & Orange Wellness until 12:00 (during the Balaton Sound festival until 10:00). They can then use the wellness section with a discounted entry ticket.
Doctor, dentist, pharmacy:Our receptionists will gladly help you.
The nearest pharmacy: 8621, Zamárdi, Kossuth Street 9.
Opening hours:
Jan 9 – May 31: Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 12:30, 13:00 - 16:30
Jun 01 – Aug 20: Mon-Fri: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday 08:00 - 12:00
Phone: +36 84 348-733
Medical office: Phone: +36 84 348-784, +36 84 348-760
On call at the Balatonföldvár clinic:
Weekdays: 4:00 pm - 8:00 am
On public holidays: 08:00 am to 08:00 am
Tel: +36 84 340-113, +36 84 540-246
Dogs and other pets:Pets are not allowed to bring in the hotel. Thank you for your understanding!
Electrical connection:The household power in Hungary is 220 – 240 V / 50Hz
Emergency Exit:According to the escape route information tables which hang in the rooms, corridor and staircase
Envelope, stationery,portfolio:

We grant it at our reception if you ask. 
The telephone number of the reception: 800

Equipment, furniture:We furnished rooms with special care, so that we ask our dear guests do not rearrange the room, furnishings, furniture (eg.: sofa), do not move or/and displace. Moving can cause injuries in the carpet and also in the furniture. The room’s furniture please don’t bring out to balcony or bring in from the balcony. The caused damages in the furniture, carpets, equipment are charged to our guests.
Fire service:

To avoid fire, it is not allowed to use own iron, coffee maker, etc.
There are fire-alarms and fire-extinguishers in the building and in the rooms. In case of fire a steam-siren warns our guests. In this case we ask you to leave the building according to the escape routes. 
If you leave the room, please, turn off all electronic equipment.

Fitness room:

Professional appliances are available for physical training in our Fregatt fitness room (at B1 level, next to Black & Orange Wellness department). For the usage of machines ask for help at the wellness reception. Children can use the machines only under parental control. Everybody can use the machines at your own risk.
Cardio machines: treadmill, step machine, elliptical trainer, spinning bike
Gym equipment: multi gym machine, cable machine
Other assets: benches, hand weight, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12,5-15-17,5-20 kgs; wall bars, soft-ball, fitt-ball, skip rope, step bench
Sometimes we make aerobic lessons in our Cruiser conference room you can inquire at wellness reception.

For kids, babies: We can put in the rooms:  traveller babybed, babytub, stool, potty or WC-seat. In the restaurant babies can sit to the table in feeder chair.
There is a changing table in the toilet of the lobby and wellness department also.
At the B1 level there is the Pirate gaming room at wellness department and next to the outside pool there are two children pools.
Found objects:We keep them for 6 months. After 6 months we cannot keep them for you. The fee of posting debits our guests. If you add your phone number on our check-in form, we can inform you about the found object.
Function of door-lock:

Doors of our hotel rooms are issued with an oncoming (proximity) card. Door can be opened only by the card: if it approaches to the switch, a green light flashes for a few second and the door can be opened.
If you are in the room, put the card into the holder, which is next to the door. It assures the electricity in the room.
If you switch the button,- which is under the door handle -, to horizontal position, the outside switch,- next to the door-, flashes rosily and sign that the room is busy.
Please always take the card with yourself, if you leave the room.

Gaming room: In the Bohém Bowling Café we supply table football, (works with 100 HUF coin) and X-box player (1.000,- HUF/hour) for teenagers and all of the game lovers.
Garbage:There is a four-sectioned selective garbage trashcan: residual waste, paper, plastic and glass in the rooms. Be so kind to throw the trash selectively.
Guest Loyalty program:See the attached information for details or at www.wellamarin.hu website, or on +36 84 545 800 phone number as well through info@wellmarin.hu e-mail address.
Hairdryer:It is in the bathroom of the room. It works with a safety-switch which has to be pressed in, while you are using it.
High days:1st of January, Valentin’s Day., 15th of March, International woman’s Day, Easter Monday, School Spring Break, 1st of May, Mother’s Day,  Pentecost, Balaton Sound Festival, Main Sommer Season, 20th of August, School Autum’s Break, 23rd of October, 1st of November, School Winter Break, Christmas (24-26 of December).

There is free Wi-Fi in our public areas it works with a code that you can find on your room card-case. We settled a computer for using Internet at the internet-corner of Bohém Bowling Café.
Internet is free in the rooms. Our receptionist can give you cable, if you are ask it. Please give back the internet cable at the reception before leaving. On the other hand our hotel is authorized to bill it (3.000 HUF/piece) for the guest.

Ironing service:It is dangerous and forbidden to iron in the rooms. Please give us the clothes if you would like to iron with the washing list at Reception. The prices can be found on laundry list. We perform the order on-demand between 8am. – 4:30 pm. The hotel refunds the missing clothes at triple price of the service.

Key-card operates the hotel room doors, corridor doors and turnstile.

The doors and the turnstile only can be opened by card:  approach to the switch, after a green light flashes for a few second, door can be opened and turnstile allows passing through. With your card you can open the corridor door of your room’s floor, wellness department’s door and the turnstile in our partOn Bistro.

If you are staying in the room, lay the card into the card holder next to the door. It provides the electricity in the room. If you leave your room, please always take the card with yourself. On the territory of the Hotel our colleagues can ask it every time to prove your right for staying with showing the card. In the Restaurant, partOn Bistro, Bohem Bowling Café and Wellness department you can take services and charge to your room bill by showing your room card.

We give your key-cards against deposit, so if you lose or damage your card, it implies charging 2.300,- HUF to your bill. Therefore we would like to ask you pay attention to the condition of the card (especially if you put it in your trousers pocket), as if you give back unusable card you also have to pay the fee of it.

Key-card holder:It can be found inside the room next to the door. Please put your card in it, because it provides electricity in the room (lamps, equipment). It operates correctly if the green lamp is lighting on the card holder.
Kitchenette: There are small kitchen corner with induction hotplates in our apartments, suites and in some family rooms. It is appropriate for boiling and heating. We assure you plates by request. Hotplate works only with using special pots. It is permitted to cook any meal in the kitchenette.
Lake Balaton:

Our hotel is standing next to the Lake with 3 km long grassy free beach. The Lake can be approached from the Eötvös street side. There is a direct way out to Lake from our partOn Bistro during the bar’s opening hours. Turnstile ensure crossing onto shoreward. It opens by key card. Our handicapped guests or guests  with pram can pass through at a trapdoor. Our colleagues give assistance to you.

Opening hours (partOn Bistro): 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. in summer months.

Luggage room:

It is possible to leave your luggage at the room next to the lobby. Our receptionist will kindly help you.


Free maps of Zamárdi can be found at the Reception
Massage:Body is regenerated spiritually and sensually by a massage as well as it detoxifies and refreshes. It helps our guests to relax until they stay here. We formed the supply of the treatments and the selection of the oils and creams for our massages in order to refresh and detoxify the tired body and soul.  The masseurs of our Black & Orange Wellness give you detailed information about the suggested face- and body treatments, about the types and terms of the courses. You can fix an appointment by phone (827) or at wellness reception.




SCALA Restaurant




Breakfast:from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


Lunch:from 12:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Dinner**: from 6:00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.*          


*in main season and peak seasons the dinner is served in two separate times:
2 periods: 18:00-19:30 or 19:45-21:30


** under 30 people we serve menu, you can choose at least from three menus.


We would like to ask your cooperation for the registration, give us your room number or rather show up the key card. Please take your seat according to our colleagues’ recommendation.
From the buffet you can eat as much as you would like to. We would like to manage our hotel according to the requirements of Sustainable Development and in an environmental friendly way. So that we would like to ask you please do not take more food than you can eat. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you would like to take out anything from the restaurant, be as kind to say to our staff, because we can ensure it only at a charge.
If you would like to have your breakfast in your room, please inform our colleagues on the reception the day before until 21:30 o’clock. The price of the room service: 2.000,- HUF / occasion.


Upon your arrival, the minibar is empty, we fill the minibar at your request.
You can order the items here: LINK.
The ordered items will be delivered to your room and charged to your account, that you can pay upon departure.
We can fulfill orders placed before 3:00 p.m. on the same day, orders placed after 3:00 p.m. will be fulfilled on the following day.

Morning alarm:

You can order a wake-up call at Reception.
Phone number: 800

In the public areas and streets adjacent to the hotel, the Zamárdi City Council Representative Board 9/2018. (V.3.), Parking is available for a fee. In the closed, camera-monitored courtyard of the hotel you can park your car for 3.000,- HUF / car / night and under the arcades you can use the covered parking for 4.000,- HUF / car / night. Parking spaces for electric vehicles with charging station are available only in limited number, so reservation in advance is required. The parking fee incl. charging fees is: 7.000 HUF/car/night.

During the summer season: In the closed, camera-monitored courtyard of the hotel, parking spaces are available for HUF 4.000,- / car / night, covered parking spaces under the arcades are available for HUF 5.500,- / car / night and parking space for electric vehicles are available for HUF 10.000,- / car / night. A limited number of parking spaces are available, subject to availability, but can be pre-booked. At the entrance, the barrier's operation is controlled by a license plate recognition camera, so please be sure to enter your vehicle license plate at the front desk to ensure trouble-free passage.

The reserved parking space is available from the occupation of the hotel until the check-out of the apartment, after which an additional 1 day parking fee will be charged. In the yard, traffic signs are subject to traffic regulations, so please pay attention to the posted signs (especially the one-way route and the no-signposting) and follow the traffic lights. Parking spaces designed for disabled guests can only be occupied by our disabled guests free of charge! We kindly ask our guests to park their cars according to the established spaces, taking care that they do not occupy two parking spaces, and do not stand on the grass with the wheel of the vehicle. If the car occupies two spaces, we will be charged a double parking fee. The hotel accepts no responsibility for the objects, cars or valuables placed in the parking lot.

Payment possibilities:You can pay in cash (HUF or EUR), with credit card (we accept VISA, Eurocard / Mastercard, Maestro, and with OTP, MBH and K&H SZÉ.P. Card.
Pets:Pets are not allowed in our hotel. Thank you for understanding.
Photocopy:It is possible at Reception for a fee. Phone number: 800
Pillow:At the request of our guests we provide extra cushion. Besides the hypoallergenic pillow in the room, several types of pillows are available. Such request must contact the maid or the reception. Phone number: 800.
Playroom:Many toys waiting for kids like dolls, cars, LEGOs, storybooks, board games, cards and chess in Pirate gaming room on B1 floor, next to the Black and Orange Wellness. Using of this room is possible according to the policy posted at the door. Its key can be asked at the wellness reception, where you have to take back it as well. It is permitted to take little children there without parental control.

We are waiting our guests with a pool at Black & Orange Wellness department, which can be found at B1 level.
Its water area is 96 m², the temperature of the water is 28–32 C°, and it is open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.. Water-mushroom, neck showerheads, sparkling beds and benches make the bath enjoyable. Kids are welcomed by a child pool with a splashy clown, urchin. Our outside pool works at summer time also depends on the weather. Its facility is similar to the indoor pool. Its water area is 125 m². It is open every day from 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.. It is obligatory to take a shower before using the pools. We would like to ask our guests to use the feet basin before enter the pool.
It is not allowed to jump into the pools and even to disturb other guests. Little children can use the pools only in water nappy.

Post office:Our receptionists will gladly help you to post the consignments paid with sigma. Postcards, letters will be sent at latest on the following workday.

Scala Restaurant, which is opposite to the reception, is awaiting the guests with Hungarian and international dishes. Our a’la carte menu offers specialities for gourmets as our wine list offers from the supply of Hungarian wine cellars.
Opening hours:

Breakfast: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

A'la carte lunch: 12:00 -17:00

Dinner: 18:00 - 20:30
Phone number of our Restaurant: 822/821
Our other restaurant, partOn Bistro is open in summer months from 11:00 am till 09:00 pm (kitchen: 12:00 am till 08:30 pm) in case of good weather. partOn Bistro is waiting for guests with a beautiful view of Lake Balaton, waterfront terrace, summery and Hungarian dishes, cocktails and ice creams.

Room service:

Room service can we provide daily between 06:30 am and 10:30 pm (except during the Balaton Sound festival) in case of advanced order at Reception or Restaurant as follows:

Between 6:30-10:00 am we can serve the orders, which was made until 08:30 pm on previous day
Between 10:00 am 08:30 pm we can serve the orders in 45 minutes
Between 08:30-10:30 pm we can serve the orders which was made at the latest at 08:30 pm

Costs of room service: 2.000,- HUF / occasion, over the amount of the ordered food and beverage. The Restaurant receive the room service orders at phone number: 822/821


It can be found in the rooms, it is free of charge. It’s size is 25 cm. *It is possible to take into a laptop, netbook (13,3’) till 35 cm.
Please take your values into the safe. There is a technical guide with illustration next to the safe.
The hotel can not be responsible for values left in the safe.

Sauna world:

Finn sauna, bio sauna, infra sauna, pool, ice cave, steam cabin – can be found at Black & Orange Wellness, on B1 floor. We give sauna sheet for using saunas and even organise sauna seances at times that we declared in advance. Guests can use saunas at their own risk.
Phone number: 827

Sights and programs:Information brochures and program guides are found at Reception desk. Our colleagues give you any information

It can be found at the reception. It costs 700 Ft / pairs.
Phone number: 800

Sewing service:If you would like to take this service, please inform reception (phone number: 800) or chamber-maid.
Sewing set:It can be demanded at the reception and from the chamber-maids

A 2 in 1 product is placed by showers and bathes in the bathroom.
It is both a shower gel and shampoo.

Shaving set: You can buy it at the reception. It costs 300 Ft / set
Shoes cleaner:This automat is at the field of our lobby next to elevator.

Smoking is forbidden in our hotel! Rooms are non-smoking places. It is permitted to smoke only at the balconies of the rooms. You can ask ashtray from chamber-maids and at the reception. Smoking is allowed in designated areas in Scala Restaurant, Bohém Bowling Café, and PartON Bistro from min. 5 meters far from the entrance.


You can book squash field at Reception of Black & Orange Wellness. Opening hours from 8 am – 8 pm.
It costs: 3.500 HUF/ hour. It is also possible to hire racquets and ball.
Phone number: 827

Sunbather Terrace:It opens from Black & Orange Wellness department with a beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton. Because of its northern location, the sun perfectly shines to the terrace in the afternoon. In summer time our outdoor pool’s terrace ensures incomparable panorama to the Lake Balaton and to the Tihany Peninsula. Do not book the deck chairs, chairs with towels or with your personal objects. When you leave the terrace, please unblock the places.

Our receptionist will gladly help you.
Phone number: 800

Technological problems:If you notice any technological problems in your room, please report it at the reception. Phone number: 800
Telephone:You can make national and international calls from all of the room. Its price will be debited at your room bill automatically. The subjunctive informative includes phone charges.

Our rooms are equipped with modern LCD TVs. Multilanguaged and programmed channels are available for our guests. There is a channel list next to the remote controller.
1          Hotel information
2-46     TV programs
47-51   Radio channels

We ask you to reduce the volume after 10 pm, to not disturb the other guests.
It is possible to set the television for automatic switch-off and turn-on. The steps of these setup: push the Menu (green button), than choose the Plug&Play menu point with down arrow, than push OK (middle) button. Here is possible to setup the wakening time with TIME menu point, and even the automatic switch-off with the desire time.

Toothbrush package:  You can buy it at the reception. It costs 300 Ft / set.

We place one bath-towel per person, even one bath-mat in the bathroom for the convenience of our guests.
We place two bath-mats in bathrooms equipped with bath and shower also. There is a detailed information paper about towel-changing in the bathroom.

We submit one turquoise bath-towel and white sauna sheet for guests at a charge of deposit to use wellness department at Wellness Reception.

Throw rug:We can grant throw rug for our guests in the hotel. Please ask it at the Reception or from chamber-maids. The number of the Reception:800

Our guests can borrow umbrellas from Reception.
Its phone number is 800.


Please welcome your guests at public areas in the hotel. It is possible for visitors to entrance into room area if firstly registry at the Reception. Guests can stay there till 8 pm.
If these rules are breached, Reception will charge the current accommodation fee, according to the valid pricelist.

Wake-up services:

Television is adjustable to turn it on automatically with the remote controller. Settings: after pressing Menu (green button) you have to choose with down arrow the Plug&Play option and then press OK (middle) button. Here after chosen TIME menu item than can be set the time of wake up power in.
At the reception (phone number: 800) you can order wake up call.

Washing:You can ask a washing bag for your dirty clothes at the Reception, where you can leave it also. You can find the prices in the enclosed list. If you leave your clothes at the Reception before 9 am, we will perform the order in 12 hours. If we lose one of your clothes, we refund it at triple price! The hotel can not be taken responsible for the mutation in size or colour.

Our Hotel Black & Orange Wellness is located on the B1 level and is included in the room rate. For the use of the wellness area, an orange towel and a sauna sheet are available daily at the wellness reception, subject to a deposit on a room card. The orange towel can also be used at the outdoor adventure pool. Towels must be handed in at the wellness reception until closing, but no later than before check-out, otherwise towels (4.200,- HUF / piece) and sauna sheets (2.100,- HUF / piece) will be charged to the room bill. Thank you for your efforts! It is forbidden to leave textiles, including the shore of Lake Balaton.

Wellness opening hours: 8 am - 8 pm

Opening hours may vary by season!
Please comply with the posted policy.
Wellness Reception Phone: 827

Wellness pub:

The Black & Orange Wellness's reception bar is open from 8:00 to 20:00 with non-alcoholic refreshments, fruit drinks, coffee, tea.
Opening hours may vary depending on the season!

Wellness supplies:A pool, terrace, sauna world and pub wait our guests at Black & Orange Wellness department. Finn sauna, bio sauna, infra sauna, steam cabin, dipping pool, ice cave, tepidarium and caldarium work at sauna world. We operate the saunas, steam cabin and ice cave, ice-fount depend on the number of guests. Our colleagues turn on the unit for your request if it’s possible. You have to pay for the following wellness services: massage, cosmetics and squash.
 Caldarium:The room of our Black & Orange Wellness department which is illuminated with orange light, where the temperature of the air does not exceed 32–40 degrees of Celsius.  We recommend to those people who cannot bear the high temperature of the Finnish Sauna or the moisture of the vapour cabin. Caldarium has a positive effect to your body. The inner recovery of the body is intensifying: the excreta quit from the body in the form of sweat, the immune system gets stronger. The heat infuses the whole body, and brings the most complete relaxation. Its effect reminds us to the Sauna’s, but it’s less demanding for the body. The body begins to perspire, however the least charges your cardiovascular system.
 Tepidary:This room of Black & Orange Wellness department radiates calm, ergonomically designed and paved with glass mosaic heated beds. The room’s air temperature is close to body temperature 35 – 40 °C. Thus, equilibrium forms: body takes up as amount of heat as loses, its energy consumption is minimal. The humidity is medium, its influence bears a resemblance to the fever. We can sit for hours in the tepidary without overloading the circulation. The pleasant warmth causes that blood vessels dilate, blood flow to the cooler parts of the body to improve warming it without sweating. It has beneficial effect on the vegetative nervous system, restores the body's regulator functions. Strengthens the immune system without lading of the circulatory system and thereby functions as both curative and preventive. Gentle way to dissolve stress and regenerate the body recommended for young and older alike.
 Steam cabin:temperature is between 40 - 50 °C, humidity can reach 80%. The aromatic steam has especially good effect to the respiratory tract, reduces bronchitis, freeing the breathing, has beneficial effects on rheumatism, cure for cold illnesses.
 Ice cave, ice fountain:

after sauna or steam cabin it is a so special and refreshing feeling to rub your whole body with ice and staying some minutes in a cold cabin.

 Plunge pool: filled with 16 – 18 °C cold water. Its usage recommended following shower after sauna or steam cabin. The skin responds to sudden changes in temperature with pleasant engorgement, our face and body flushed, immune system is getting stronger.


Bio sauna: temperature is between 55 – 70 °C, saving solution for those who feel Finnish sauna too hot or steam cabin’s humidity too high. 

Finn sauna: temperature is between 80 – 100    °C, humidity is about 10 – 20 %. The extreme warm first reach our skin then getting deeper and warming up our internal organs. The body generation and evaporation of sweat, trying to compensate for the accelerating blood circulation dilates blood vessels and relaxes muscles. In the advertised times, we make sauna séances, you can inquire at wellness reception

Infra sauna: easier than Finnish sauna. Temperature is only 40-50 ° C, so also those can use who do not like high temperatures. The soul of the infra cabin is the infrared radiant, which defined wavelength, which emits invisible, which through the air and skin gets to the internal organs. It can be used without medical restriction. Perfectly applicable to heal inflammatory diseases, those people can use who have heart disease and high blood pressure.

The above table contains information beyond the screen. You can review the whole table with moving it leftwards and rightwards.


  • It is forbidden to bring any dangerous material. (eg.: gas bottle) into the territory of the hotel.
  • You always have to leave the traffic routes and exit routes freely.
  • The room and its furniture can be used only according to the rules.
  • Using of electric radiator is prohibited in the rooms.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the rooms.
  • Before you leave the room, please make sure that do not left in the room any phenomena which can cause fire (eg.: turned on the electronic equipment, burning cigarettes in the ashtray, etc.)
  • You can see your escape plan of your level on the door. The red arrow shows the way to the exit. In case of fire we ask you to leave the building that way. It is forbidden to use the elevator in case of fire.
Reception800Scala Restaurant821
Black&Orange Wellness Reception827Bohém Bowling Café823
Yacht room701partOn Bistro828
Katamaran room702    

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Hotel telephone numbers
Another room can be called by dialling of the room number. 

Local call:0 + phone number
National call: 0 + 06 + prefix + phone number
Trunk-call:0 + 00 + calling code of the country + prefix + phone number

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International calling codes

United States of America












Czech Republic
































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Price of callings

Prices will be fixed by an automatic counter, and will be loaded to the room account.

TermsNational callInternational callNational mobile call
Contact price6,21 HUF

6,21 HUF

6,21 HUF

6,45 HUF / min


HUF / min
58 HUF / min

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