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MICE Terms and Conditions

The extent of the present MICE Terms and Conditions (MTC) document covers the services of Hotel Wellamarin****Superior Leisure & Wellness, operated by Wellamarin Kft. MICE Terms and Conditions is published by Wellamarin Kft. on behalf of Hotel Wellamarin****Superior Leisure & Wellness. Hotel and connecting services are provided by Wellamarin Kft., entitled with all related rights and responsibilities. Special agreements and conditions are not part of the present MTC. MTC does not ban establishing partnership with individual business cooperation conditions with travel agencies and event organizers.

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MICE Terms and Conditions


Name: Wellamarin Kft.
Address: 8621 Zamárdi, Eötvös u. 15/1.
Phone: +36 84 545 891
Fax: +36 84 545 020
Email: sales@wellamarin.hu
Web: www.wellamarin.com
Tax Number: 12774742-2-14
Company registration number: 14-09-304837
HUF Bank Account: HU35 1030 0002 2014 2612 0000 3285 (HUF)
EUR Bank Account: HU22 1760 0066 0025 6816 1020 0005 (EUR)


Based on the preliminary calculation of detailed services, Customer orders and Service Provider (Supplier) takes the order with prices stated in confirmation document.  Contracting parties declare that transaction management can be exclusively performed in writing and that statements towards each other are valid when performed in writing, only.
Potential and occasional oral orders must be put in writing and sealed with official stamp. During the fulfilment of the present MTC, statements and notifications between contracting Parties can only be declared as properly delivered in written, when addressed to the Contact Person/Managing Director named as representative in the order confirmation
1.1 sent and delivered by post (with delivery receipt)
1.2 sent and delivered by courier service
1.3 certified with a receipt during personal delivery
1.5 sent and delivered via e-mail (and delivery notification is received by sender).


Service prices - agreed and accepted by both Parties- are recorded in the written confirmation form. Customer is obliged to pay the value of ordered services to Service Provider (Supplier) according to the following schedule:

2.1. as an advance payment, 50% of the projected costs must be settled by bank transfer within 8 days of receiving Service Provider’s (Supplier’s) ProForma invoice letter. Service Provider (Supplier) issues an advance invoice for the 50% advance amount and sends it to Customer’s email address. The amount of the advance will be recorded in the final invoice – issued after the event.
2.2. all other, post factum costs – additional to the 50% of projected costs listed in Annex 1 – will be itemized and charged after the event. Service Provider (Supplier) issues and sends the final invoice to Customer’s e-mail address. Final invoice must be settled by bank transfer within 8 days of its issue.
2.3. in case of late payment, Service Provider (Supplier) is entitled to charge the default interest. The fee for default interest is calculated with 8 percentage point increase of the central bank base rate.


In case Costumer decides to partially or fully cancel the event, reserved rooms and/or services in a written cancellation, and reasons are beyond Service Provider’s (Supplier’s) responsibility, Service Provider (Supplier) is entitled to charge cancellation fee as follows:

3.1. 50% of the booked accommodations and services can be cancelled free of charge, if cancellation is recorded more than 45 days prior to the planned arrival
3.2. 20% of the booked accommodations and services can be cancelled free of charge, if cancellation is recorded between the 44th and the 15th day prior to the planned arrival
3.3. 15% of the booked accommodations and services can be cancelled free of charge, if cancellation is recorded between the 14th and the 2nd day prior to the planned arrival
3.4. in case of cancellations within 48 hours and/or in case of no arrival, 100% severance fee will be charged

In case of cancellation, Service Provider (Supplier) is entitled to charge cancellation fee in the final invoice - according to the above details.

The right for immediate termination is available for both Parties in case of serious contract breach. Violation of payment terms is considered as serious breach of contract.


4.1. Any kind of decoration can only be placed on the walls of Hotel Wellamarin **** Superior after prior consultation and approval of Service Provider (Supplier).
4.2. All materials - required for the event - can only be delivered in and out through the personnel port. Customer must hand over a copy of the itemized delivery note to the Security Service.
4.3. Customers are solely responsible for all means they bring into the hotel (eg technical equipment). In the lack of additional written contract, Service Provider (Supplier) is not obliged to store or to preserve personal estate.
4.4. Service Provider (Supplier) does not take liability for event materials and items that are sent by post or other delivery services.


5.1. Service Provider (Supplier) provides the pre-arranged and contracted accommodation units, catering and conference services to Customer - for the days and with the equipment, that are recorded in order confirmation.
5.2. Service related Customer complaints shall be indicated and raised on the spot – both verbally and in writing. Service Provider (Supplier) does not accept any subsequent complaint.
5.3. Customer’s event participants shall pay individually for their extra orders (eg.: massage, minibar consumption, closed parking, etc.) – with the exception of posteriorly ordered, on the spot services that are issued to Customer's main account. Customer is in charge to inform event participants about this responsibility of theirs. Customer takes guarantee towards Service Provider (Supplier) to settle for event participants’ unpaid consumption (eg.: massage, minibar consumption, closed parking, etc.).
5.4. Food and drink can only be obtained from Service Provider (Supplier). Customers are allowed to bring food and drink with themselves in special cases only (eg.: national habits) and with the written permission of Supplier.  In this case, Supplier is entitled to charge extra service fee or bottle fee.


6.1. Customer is responsible for its employees, subcontractors and guests. All damages – caused by Customer or by its employees, subcontractors and guests – must be reimbursed after Service Provider's (Supplier’s). In case of damages, Service Provider’s (Supplier’s) representative signs and sends a report to Customer within 5 days after the end of the event.
6.2. Service Provider (Supplier) draws Customer's attention to have insurance on its valuable assets, as Service Provider (Supplier) only takes responsibility for items that have been received from Customer with a receipt.
6.3. In case of unforeseeable circumstances - outside the interest of both parties- hamstring the fulfillment of contract terms (force majeure), neither Party shall be liable for non-performance or partial non-performance of the present MTC. Examples for such, particular circumstances: war, rebellion, sabotage, bombing, flood, fire, lightning strike, and other natural disasters; emergency situations; actions at the disposal of police and military laws; power or communication line failure.
6.4. For other, not specified cases, the liability of the Parties is governed by the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.


7.1 To enable performing service, Costumer provides data, information and documents to Service Provider (Supplier) in a pre-agreed form.
7.2. Order changes, complements and cancellations are only valid in writing between Parties. No Party may deviate from this method.
7.3. In case of changes in Customer’s ownership, unit name, location, bank account or in any other important information, Service Provider (Supplier) must be notified in writing within 8 days.
7.4. Parties intend to settle their disputes by peaceful negotiations primarily. In case peaceful negotiations do not lead to success, Parties submit themselves and cases to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Siófok or Kaposvár - depending on the jurisdiction. For issues not regulated by the present MTC, the laws of Hungary prevail and come into force.
7.5. If the event cannot be organised due to Hungarian laws or regulations in force at the time of the event, the Parties shall agree on the later use or refund of the advance.


8.1. Present MTC includes the detailed obligations and measures Service Provider (Supplier) provides. Customer is required to indicate any claims not covered by this document, in order to ensure that Service Provider (Supplier) delivers the highest level of service.
8.2. Order confirmation invalidates every previous record, contract and mail exchange – except these become part of the order confirmation.
8.3. Both Parties declare that they are authorized for commitments on behalf of their clients.
8.4. In case Customer orders services from Service Provider (Supplier) as per detailed in MTC 1.1., Customer accepts the content of present MTC. In such case, an event contract is concluded between Service Provider (Supplier) and Customer in accordance to order confirmation and present MTC - and/or upon Customer’s specific request.


9.1. Accommodation fee includes: accommodation; bathrobe, hair dryer and safe box in room; free WIFI connection; BLACK & ORANGE WELLNESS usage (opening hours: 8:00-20:00)
9.2 Other information: VAT is included in prices (18% for accommodation; 5% for breakfast and meals, for coffee, tea, fruit spritzer and lemonade; 27% for other services).
Tourist tax is 500 HUF /person/night.
Parking fee in closed parking area: 8,5 EUR/car/night. Parking spots are available as of check-in on arrival day until check-out on departure day.
Information on outside parking spots: https://www.zamardiparkolas.hu/
Check in: as of 14:00
Check out: until 10:00.
Late Check-out fee: 2.000 HUF /hour/room. Luggage room is available.